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      Mine auxiliary transportation safety protection solution

      The stall interception of trackless rubber tyred vehicle is composed of software part, electrical part and mechanical part. Relying on the scientific mechanical structure, precise electrical control, and using the Internet of things, cloud computing and big data related means, the intelligent flexible stall interception integrating monitoring and monitoring, intelligent early warning, intelligent linkage, integration and sharing and data visualization is built to realize self diagnosis of equipment, dual guarantee of communication, dual trigger of interception, quasi interception of vehicles, flexible interception and intelligent control Function.
      Mechanical part
      The mechanical part is composed of flexible blocking device, flexible buffer device and actuator. Based on the scientific calculation method, using imported materials and reasonable installation layout, the flexible interception and flexible braking of stalled vehicles are truly realized, and become the reliable actuator of software system and electrical control.
      Electrical part
      The electrical control system uses spread spectrum remote wireless communication, 4G communication, radio frequency identification and other new technologies to solve the stability of wireless transmission of vehicle operation data and accurate interception of stalled vehicles. The electrical part is mainly composed of vehicle transmitter, obstruction controller, radio frequency reader, explosion-proof camera, radar speed measurement and other roadway equipment, which has the functions of equipment self diagnosis, communication double guarantee, vehicle quasi interception, interception double trigger, intelligent control, etc.
      Software part
      The software part is composed of data acquisition service, monitoring and monitoring, intelligent early warning, intelligent linkage, integration and sharing and data visualization. Based on the electrical control equipment, using Internet of things related technical means, through the relevant communication protocol, realize the visualization of data acquisition, storage, analysis, fault diagnosis, monitoring and early warning of electrical control related equipment, and intelligent interception of stalled vehicles.
      Technical features and measures
      Mechanical technical characteristics
      Flexible interception
      The flexible interceptor adopts advanced synthetic materials in China. When the vehicle collides with the interceptor, it can fully protect the vehicle and avoid vehicle damage. The breaking force of the flexible interceptor is 300KN.
      Flexible cushioning
      The flexible energy absorption device adopts multi-stage buffer energy absorption structure, uses advanced elastic materials and pressure plate energy absorber to transform the impact energy of rubber tyred vehicle into elastic deformation of flexible elastic material and friction energy of energy absorber device, so as to achieve the effect of multi-stage flexible buffer braking.
      Adjustable energy
      The interception energy of each stage of energy absorber is adjustable, and the energy absorption of each stage of energy absorber can be reasonably set according to the type and weight of intercepted vehicles to realize flexible interception of different vehicles;
      Controllable distance
      According to the type and weight of intercepting vehicles, the energy of each stage of energy absorber can be adjusted, so that the interception distance of each vehicle can be controlled. Specifically, the vehicle can be braked within the reasonable distance required by the mining party.
      Easy to install
      In the process of construction and installation, on the premise of not refitting vehicles and occupying the driving space of roadway, the installation of mechanical part is simple and convenient. Only the buffer energy absorption device is installed on the two sides of the roadway, and the flexible blocking device and actuator are installed on the roof of the roadway.
      Electrical technical characteristics
      Equipment self diagnosis
      In order to solve the problems of daily monitoring and maintenance of equipment. The system can monitor the running state of key equipment such as vehicle controller and obstruction controller, so as to realize self diagnosis of equipment.
      The timing task is set by the system software, and the operation status data (such as power on state, communication state, execution state, etc.) of key equipment such as vehicle mounted controller and obstruction controller are collected actively. The collected data are uploaded to the server software for analysis, early warning and display. At the same time, the early warning information is timely pushed to the relevant staff, so that the staff can master the operation status of the equipment in real time.
      Communication double guarantee
      In order to improve the stability and timeliness of communication in the electrical part, the dual communication guarantee with 4G communication as the main communication and Lora communication as the auxiliary is adopted.
      Take the vehicle transmitter as an example

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