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      Mine intelligent ventilation solution

      Background overview
      Coal mine requires "to determine production by wind", ventilation system plays a very important role in coal mining. At present, the phenomenon of "monitoring but not controlling" and "controlling but not being able to control" is very common in China's coal mine ventilation. With the breakthrough of Internet of things, big data, frequency conversion technology, monitoring technology, intelligent control and digital technology, the demand for personalized ventilation scheme in coal mine is increasing. It is necessary to consider the main fan, local fan, air door and window equipment, gas, temperature, dust and other environmental factors as a whole to establish the intelligent ventilation system of the whole mine. The personalized and intelligent technical scheme is adopted for centralized management and control and real-time monitoring of air volume, gas, temperature, wind speed and other parameters at each control point of the whole mine, so as to meet the requirements of ventilation on demand, energy conservation and environmental protection.
      Current situation analysis
      At present, the ventilation technology and equipment of most coal enterprises are relatively backward. The ventilation monitoring and control system is still based on monitoring function, supplemented by manual control. The monitoring data has not been used to the maximum extent, and can not realize intelligent real-time adjustment and control function. The main problems are as follows:
      Hardware equipment
      1. The number of monitoring equipment is not enough and the accuracy is not accurate
      2. The damper / window cannot be controlled remotely or intelligently
      3. Lack of wind speed and pressure sensing equipment
      4. The degree of automation and intelligence of mine ventilation structure is very low
      software system
      1. Lack of ventilation related information system construction
      2. Ventilation systems are not highly integrated and data cannot be shared.
      Ventilation algorithm
      1. At present, most intelligent ventilation in the market is in the stage of local intelligence and simulation.
      2. Most of the ventilation algorithms are limited to ideal environment and lack of consideration of the actual underground environment.
      Strength of manufacturers
      There is a lack of manufacturers with intelligent ventilation software platform research and development, intelligent control damper / window and all kinds of sensor equipment.
      Intelligent ventilation monitoring and control platform
      Intelligent ventilation monitoring and control system is mainly composed of seven parts, terminal equipment, data acquisition, intelligent early warning, air network calculation and air volume regulation, intelligent remote control, ventilation visualization and mobile app.
      Relying on the Internet, Internet of things, artificial intelligence, big data, information communication and automation technology, it carries out analysis and decision-making and linkage control. To ensure the scientific and advanced nature of the daily operation of ventilation system, to supply wind on demand according to production process, to satisfy the intelligent process of ventilation, and to realize automatic perception, diagnosis and early warning of abnormal ventilation.
      Terminal equipment: intelligent damper, intelligent wind window, four in one gas sensors (methane, oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide) vibration, temperature, humidity, wind pressure and wind speed sensors.
      Data acquisition: with the help of Internet of things technology, real-time collection of various terminal equipment data in the roadway, providing data support for monitoring and early warning analysis and air network calculation.
      Intelligent early warning: Based on the collected data, the intelligent early warning is realized by comparing with the preset warning threshold of the platform.
      Air network calculation and air volume control: use the improved Scott Hensley trial algorithm loop method to carry out iterative calculation and solve the loop corrected air volume step by step. Adjust the opening of air window or fan frequency according to the air volume value.
      Intelligent control: according to the calculation results of wind network calculation algorithm, the intelligent linkage control of wind window, damper and fan is realized.
      Ventilation visualization: collect and integrate the operation / fault / early warning / wind direction and air volume data of various sensor equipment, damper, wind window and fan, and display them visually through GIS service.
      Mobile app: realize palm office, check ventilation condition and various monitoring data anytime and anywhere, and receive them in time

      System architecture

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