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      Solution of power supply guarantee system for underground equipment in mine

      1、 At present, the current situation of underground power supply system in coal mine is as follows:
      1. At present, there are some problems in the underground power supply system
      At present, the substation single circuit power supply system is mostly used in underground detection and monitoring, personnel positioning, communication and other systems. Although the substation battery can ensure automatic power supply for more than 2-4 hours after power failure of the power supply system, the substation power supply is mostly shared with the power supply of the mining system, which is greatly affected by the power supply of the mining system. Once the power failure time of the mining system exceeds the redundant time of the battery, the power will be stored In addition, the service life of the battery in the substation is related to the number of charging and discharging. Frequent charging and discharging will shorten the capacity and service life of the battery, and correspondingly shorten the power supply time of the battery, which is extremely unfavorable to the safety.
      2. At present, the methods and disadvantages of solving power supply problems at home and abroad are as follows
      Domestic: special line power supply, laying special cable from the ground to the underground, although avoiding the influence of underground mining power supply, but the laying line is long, the wire diameter is relatively thick, the voltage drop is large, and the single circuit power supply is still used, and the power failure phenomenon can not be solved substantially.
      Abroad: some national monitoring system of coal mining mostly adopts bus type, special transformer and special circuit power supply. Although the power supply is relatively stable, it has large engineering amount, high cost and difficult to implement.
      2、 At present, the technical characteristics and shortcomings of the existing similar products are as follows:
      At present, the existing double circuit vacuum feed switch in China adopts the traditional electrical control mode, which mostly adopts the control mode of relay and vacuum AC contactor. The circuit is controlled only by hardware, which has complex wiring, poor stability and high equipment failure rate. Technology is still a traditional mode, maintenance is not convenient, and the equipment has no manual switching and output disconnection function, can not carry out self detection of the equipment, maintenance load, need to disconnect the main and auxiliary circuit power supply, is bound to cause other load power failure, and then affect the safety of underground work, far from meeting the development needs of modern mines.
      1. Features of kdq1140 flameproof dual power switch control box for mine
      This device is suitable for 50 / 60Hz, 1140 / 660 / 127V (AC) power supply of various voltage levels. It is a new type of double power automatic switching device with intelligent control system. When the equipment works normally, when the main power supply is suddenly cut off, it will automatically switch to the secondary power supply; when the main power supply is restored, it will automatically switch back to the main power supply, always giving priority to the main power supply, so as to realize the automatic switching between the main and auxiliary double circuit power supply, provide stable and reliable power supply for the load, and ensure the production efficiency and safety.
      This product is equipped with manual switching and output disconnection functions, which is convenient for maintenance personnel to know whether the equipment is in normal working state at any time. In addition, through the output disconnect button, it is convenient to carry out power-off maintenance of the access load equipment. It has the advantages of novel design, high degree of automation, wide application range, reducing the accident rate and ensuring the safety of mine work. This product is widely used in underground monitoring substation, automatic damper, substation, etc.
      This product has leakage, short circuit, overload and other protection functions.
      2. Main application and application range of kdq1140 flameproof dual power switch control box
      This series of products can provide stable double power supply of 1140 / 660 / 127 / 0-36v (AC) and other voltage levels for the load, which is generally applicable to underground monitoring substation, automatic damper, mine anti sports car, substation, etc.
      3. Environmental conditions of kdq1140 flameproof dual power switch control box for mine use:
      (1) The ambient temperature is - 5 ℃ - 40 ℃, and the air pressure is 0.8-1.1 × 105Pa;
      (2) Altitude: 2000m;
      (3) The monthly average relative humidity of ambient air is no more than 95% (25 ℃);
      (4) It is used in places with gas and coal dust explosion danger;
      (5) In gas or steam environment without damaging insulation;

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