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    1. Protective device for roadster in inclined lane

      Product model:ZDC30-2.5

      Protective device for roadster in inclined lane

      Product model:ZDC30-2.5
      Protective device for roadster in inclined lane-product details

      1. Product introduction
      Therefore, it is very important to use inclined haulage car in the main shaft to connect the main roadway with the inclined haulage car The device is a powerful guarantee to ensure the safety of inclined shaft hoisting and prevent all kinds of transportation accidents. After long-term research, our scientific and technical personnel have successfully developed zdc30-2.5 sports car protection device. The device is safe and reliable, easy to use and maintain, and has good safety and practicability.
      2. Scope of application
      This product is installed in coal mine roadway with dip angle ≤ 30 ° and is used for protection of sports car in case of broken rope and decoupling.
      3. Product composition
      The device is mainly composed of kxj-127zdz (a) main control box for sports car protection device, kxj-380 / 660zdf (a) auxiliary control box for sports car protection device, gh-24zd (a) mine intrinsic safety Hall sensor, gud8 (a) mine intrinsically safe position sensor, khl24 / 0.5 (a) mine intrinsically safe pull-out switch, jf-200zd (a) retraction winch for sports car protection device, and car barrier for DCM sports car protection device.
      4. Product function
      1) Protection function of "normally closed" sports car
      When there is no tramcar passing by, the barrier of the protective device of the sports car is in the "normally closed" state, which makes the whole transportation roadway in a closed state, which plays the role of sports car protection. When the tramcar passes through and approaches the barrier, the car stop is lifted by the retraction winch. After the tramcar enters a certain distance, the car barrier falls down and enters the "normally closed" state again.
      2) Manual and automatic control and conversion
      The system has two modes of automatic control and manual control. When passing the passenger car or pedestrian, the manual mode is adopted. Press the lifting button, and all the car barriers are lifted and locked in the "normally open" state. After passing by the passenger car or pedestrian, switch to automatic mode through the button, and all car barriers will fall down automatically and enter the "normally closed" state. When the tramcar passes through, it will realize the automatic lifting and falling of the car barrier.
      3) Color touch screen display and control function
      The console is equipped with color touch screen, and graphical human-computer interface can be used to more intuitively display the running position and distance of the tramcar, as well as the operation and control of each stop bar. When installing and debugging, it is used for retrieving and setting system parameters. In case of fault, the position and type of fault can be accurately displayed and located in the form of animation, so as to confirm and handle the fault.
      4) Work offline
      When the first gear or several gears fail in the protection system of sports car, the system makes the fault barrier in shielding state and does not affect the normal operation of other barriers.
      5) Auto calibration
      The clearing point is set near the slope changing point on the inclined lane, and the tramcar runs normally. When the mine car passes through the clearing point, the system will automatically reset and calibrate, so as to obtain high-precision operation data.
      6) Automatic fault monitoring, alarm and linkage
      The fault monitoring circuit is set up to monitor the running speed of the tramcar, retraction and release of the car barrier in place, abnormal rope breakage of the winch wire rope, and collision of the car with the fence. The alarm circuit is triggered immediately after the over speed running of the tramcar, device failure or the running car bumping into the fence. It is equipped with audio alarm and alarm output circuit, so as to connect the external sound and light alarm, and can be linked with the lifting winch to stop the tramcar running in time.
      7) Locking and protection function of lifting mechanism of sports car protection device
      The lifting mechanism can realize reliable locking after lifting the car barrier. The lifting mechanism is equipped with lifting insurance, which can effectively lift the car barrier and automatically disconnect when the sports car collides with the barrier, so as to protect the lifting equipment from being damaged.

      Protective device for roadster in inclined lane-technical parameter

      1) Power supply voltage of main control box: ac127v;
      2) Power supply voltage of auxiliary control box: AC380V / 660V / 1140V;
      3) Explosion proof motor: AC380V / 660V / 1140V, 1.5kw/4kw;
      4) Working voltage of sensor: DC24 V;
      5) The maximum dip angle of roadway: 30 °;
      6) Rated impact energy: 2.5mj;
      7) Buffer distance: 0.3-10m;
      8) Maximum buffer resistance value of single buffer: 150kn;
      9) Working mode of car barrier: normally closed;
      10) The overall dimension of car stop net: to be determined according to the actual situation of users;
      11) Working time of hoisting mechanism: ≤ 3S;
      12) Maximum lifting weight: 200kg;
      13) Maximum running speed of tramcar: 5m / s.

      Protective device for roadster in inclined lane-Customer case
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