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    1. Fire barrier dual purpose door

      Product model:MFHSL-B85

      Fire barrier dual purpose door

      Product model:MFHSL-B85
      Fire barrier dual purpose door-product details

      Product introduction
      The fire barrier door is used between the main drainage pump room and the main substation chamber in the coal mine; the mining area substation, belt conveyor, winch power distribution electrical equipment, transformer chamber, stringing motor garage, battery motor warehouse, fire fighting equipment warehouse, AC room, charging room and other chambers and material warehouses. It is mainly used to isolate personnel, the purpose is to prevent non professionals from entering important places; in addition, in dangerous environment, fire barrier dual-purpose door can isolate the fire source and prevent the spread of fire risk.
      Product features
      The fire barrier door has the characteristics of both fence door and fire door. It is suitable for non professionals to enter the entrance of chamber and warehouse. It has ventilation function at ordinary times and fire prevention function in case of abnormal situation. The structure is simple and the operation is convenient.

      Fire barrier dual purpose door-technical parameter

      Serial number model specification drawing number
      1  MFHSL   1.4*1.8      B85-373.29
      2  MFHSL   1.6*1.8      B85-373.30
      3  MFHSL   1.8*2.0      B85-373.31
      4  MFHSL   2.1*2.0      B85-373.32

      Fire barrier dual purpose door-Customer case

      1. Working environment: - 30 ℃~ 40 ℃, wind pressure: 0 ~ 3800pa
      2. Fire barrier dual-purpose door is used in dangerous places of coal dust and methane explosive gas.
      3. The surrounding rock of roadway is stable, the deformation of roadway is small, and there is no serious water pouring.

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