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      How to solve the power supply problem of monitoring and control system in coal mine by double power switch control box

      As one of the six major systems for coal mine safety and risk avoidance, the underground monitoring and monitoring system can be said to be the "eye of heaven" in mine safety production. Its most important role is to monitor and alarm the gas, temperature, wind speed, personnel, power supply and other plates in the mine, so as to make a quick and accurate response to various abnormal situations and avoid safety accidents.
      According to the requirements of "coal mine safety monitoring system and test instrument use management specification", the coal mine monitoring and monitoring system must implement a 24-hour duty system, which requires the monitoring and control system to be continuously powered for 24 hours.
      In the past, for the continuous power supply problem of monitoring and monitoring system, most mines adopt the method of installing backup batteries. However, as we all know, the life of the battery is gradually declining, and will become shorter and shorter with time. Especially, the temperature and humidity of underground environment have a great impact on the battery, and the backup battery is prone to the risk of unstoppable at critical time. In recent two years, coal mine safety supervision bureaus in Shanxi, Shandong and other places have issued documents and instructions, requiring that the underground monitoring and monitoring system must not be powered off for 24 hours.
      As a manufacturer with outstanding R &amp; D capability in the coal mine equipment industry, in order to meet the management needs of coal mining enterprises, Jiahong technology proposed a dual circuit power supply solution for the continuous power supply problem of monitoring and monitoring, and specially developed a mine explosion-proof dual power switching control box. With the technical advantages of "two input, one output and instant switching", the automatic switching speed can reach 0.003 seconds, The successful realization of 24-hour one in use and one standby, 24-hour uninterrupted power supply.
      The biggest advantage of the dual power supply switching device is that the dual circuit power supply can be fully automatic switching, without any manual auxiliary work in the process. After the main circuit power supply fails, it automatically switches to the secondary circuit, and the main circuit automatically switches back to the main circuit after the power supply of the main circuit is restored. Siemens, Omron and other international and domestic well-known brands are used for the internal core components of the equipment, which provides a solid guarantee for the stability of the equipment itself.
      In addition to the monitoring and control system, the dual power switching device can also help the miner to solve the continuous power supply problem of the following equipment:
      Mine ring network exchange system, mine personnel positioning system, underground communication system, mine automatic air door, mine refuge chamber, mine drainage system and other equipment that need continuous power supply.
      Mine mining is a real high-risk industry, the probability of safety accidents is high. The 24-hour continuous uninterrupted signal transmission of monitoring and control system is the top priority of underground safety. The mining dual power switching device accurately solves the power supply pain point of underground monitoring system and greatly reduces the occurrence of safety accidents.

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